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Get to know what makes your customers click

Leverage smarter analytics to optimize your customer experience and quickly attract, engage, and convert visitors into loyal customers. 

  1. Build comprehensive customer profiles

    Understand customers at multiple levels, with behavior data views ranging from  individual sessions to full scale, multi-channel journeys.  

  2. Identify the shortest path to your goal

    Visualize the cross-channel customer journey and see every touchpoint that might influence a buying decision. 

  3. Reduce abandonment and gain back customers

    Learn why customers abandon pages and get recommendations on how to get them back. 

Turn online actions into customer insights

Collect data at the visitor, page, and session levels, showing on which fields customers abandon, how much time it takes them to perform a task, how often they replicate an action, and more.  

Inspire greater customer loyalty

Target messaging based on customers’ online behavior and guide customers with personalized, engaging experiences. 

Alleviate digital friction more quickly

Understand why a campaign is successful or unsuccessful, then quickly optimize the experience for increased engagement, instead of spending time recreating issues.  

Make smarter and faster decisions using data.

Understand your data, elevate your customer experience, and drive faster, longer-lasting results.  

Acoustic does not just help you implement: they serve as trusted advisors that help you meet your business goals.

Gabriela Mercer

Manager eCommerce and Marketing analytics, Roots

What's in the Box

Empower your marketing team with a single source of truth to understand how customers interact with your brands across touchpoints.  

Single-view reporting

See your key digital metrics at a glance and measure the data that matter the most to you. 

Quantify your channels

Track all purchases and goals across your digital channels and understand your customers’ lifetime value. 

It Starts with the Customer Journey

Exceed revenue and engagement goals by delivering lasting customer connections that your consumer's want and your competition can only dream of.

Understand your audience

Know what makes your audiences convert, from VIPs to first-time purchasers, and see your repeat customer population grow. 

Customer lifecycle stages

Help customers reach your desired goal even after they have stopped or dropped off.

Rich audience segmentation

Increase loyalty and improve retargeting efforts by seeing events influencing journeys and visualizing customers across touchpoints. 

Journey analytics

Look beyond individual customer sessions and find greater marketing ROI by visualizing how interactions in different channels affect conversion. 

Session replay

See your customers’ digital needs and respond by fixing errors, sending the right message, or even helping customers directly in real time.  

Heat and attention maps

Analyze and understand user intention and find optimization opportunities to increase conversion and retention.

Pre-built integrations

Connect your technology stack with a built-in data exchange layer.

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Choose the Best Analytics Fit for You

Empower your marketing team with a deep understanding of your customers and execute data-driven marketing programs and campaigns.  


Create a single customer view and deliver personalized digital interactions across all channels. 

  • Session search and replay

  • Digital analytics reporting

  • Journey analytics

  • Campaign metrics and analysis


Build deeper customer relationships through consistent digital experiences that drive customer advocacy.

  • Cognitive struggle analytics

  • Year-round behavior analysis data retention


Leverage deeper analysis to design and automate highly relevant and compelling cross-channel journeys that convert at a higher rate. 

  • Out-of-the-box multichannel import

  • Digital data feed

  • LIVEmail

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