Acoustic Exchange

Set your data free

Take control of a constant flow of customer behavior and identity data and start engaging customers with personalized marketing strategies across channels.

  1. Get the full picture of your audience

    Develop a clearer understanding of your audience by connecting customer identities and insights across tools and data sources.

  2. Avoid lost revenue with increased data security

    Securely move data across your marketing stack, helping you stay compliant with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

  3. Connect to the marketing tools you already use

    Break down data silos without ripping out the technology you know and love by connecting them together.

Built to scale as you grow

Fully utilize your marketing tech stack with flexibility to evolve with your business needs.

Save time and money

Avoid costly and time-intensive custom integrations and the need for ongoing IT maintenance.

Click-to-connect integrations

Pre-built integrations put technology integrations in the hands of the marketer with an easy-to-use interface.

We can identify that individual user's past engagements with any of our channels. By mapping out journeys in this way, we will be able to identify opportunities to make service even easier to use.

Michael Artup

General Manager, Gavl

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What's in the Box?

Seamlessly connect your entire marketing ecosystem without help from IT to share customer events and audience segments across applications.

Pre-built integrations

Click-to-connect integrations to over 200 marketing technology partners. 

Simple integration manager

Manage ongoing integrations as needs change. 

Open connector for custom connections

Easily integrate with proprietary systems or customer data lakes. 

Unified tagging system

Consolidate web tags and unify how web behavior is reported. 

Share segmentation

Share audience segments between systems in order to activate them in various channels such as email, mobile, web, social, and paid media.

Exchange behavior and identity data

Quickly share contextualized customer behavior and identity data across tools, environments, and organizations in real time.

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