Tealeaf for Retail

Deliver a shopping experience that have customers coming back for more

With immediate visibility into all shopping experiences, teams can quickly uncover and remove all obstacles that hinder shoppers from converting into customers.

  1. Increase conversion and revenue

    Use deep customer behavior insights to see how shoppers behave on your websites and mobile apps to optimize the experience for each audience segment.    

  2. Release and iterate for peak seasons

    AI-based monitoring and automatic alerts enable teams to deliver new updates and optimize the customer journey even during your busiest seasons.

  3. Personalize each customer’s retail journey

    See and understand the reasons behind customer churn and abandonment to re-engage with the right content, message, and action for deeper engagement. 

Prioritize fixes with the biggest ROI

Be alerted of all struggles and anomalies causing abandonment and automatically quantify the CX to prioritize where to focus your optimization efforts. Use real transactional value to put a financial number on the impact customer struggles have on your business.

Add more robust behavior data and replays to A/B testing tools

Get more value from your testing by adding extras dimensions and insight to the results. Easily search for and replay sessions running any experiment to see how they really work. Make data-driven decisions on what to test, getting better use out of your limited testing budget

Identify the CX that is impacting all audiences

Understand the total number of customers impacted by any changes across your digital products, not just the customers who provide direct feedback.

Build a CX that shoppers keep coming back for more

Gain actionable insights that answer your specific customer behavior questions, even the ones you didn’t know to ask.

[Tealeaf enables] us to gain a deeper understanding our customers, which is empowering us to boost traffic, conversions, and revenues on the digital channel.

Stephen White

Senior Director of Business Process and Operations, Buffalo Jeans

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243%Return on Investment

See investment payback in 6 months

Start building your business for a higher degree of customer insight and improve your understanding of how customers interact with your business

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