Tealeaf for Retail Banks

Frictionless online engagement ensures better banking

Understand customer behavior and intent to deliver a seamless digital banking experience and increase customer acquisition, cross-sell, and self-service opportunities across your digital products.

  1. Proactively uncover friction and prioritize CX issues

    Don’t wait for the call center to tell you if your account opening experience is broken or your online banking experience is not working as expected.

  2. Reduce call center costs

    Understand what is causing customer frustration in real-time to provide resolutions at first call.

  3. Prioritize CX issues

    Use average opportunity costs to express struggle in financial terms to prioritize resources for the most ROI.

Aggregate all customer feedback

Integrate direct customer feedback with replays and seamlessly improve the customer experience to all audiences, and even validate direct customer feedback against the experiences of the silent majority.

Improve mobile banking engagement 

Securely gain access to all the information you need to improve your mobile banking experience, with support for web, iOS, Android and hybrid apps, you can rest assured that you have the full picture at your fingertips.

Fraud identification and forensics

Capture all online banking activity right off your network, making proactive fraud monitoring and prevention possible. You can also set automatic alerts for your fraud prevention team, so you can avoid spending money to remedy issues and the extra work that comes with it.

Deliver a digital banking experience that drives growth

Understand the reasons behind customer churn and abandonment for your entire audience, not just a sample size.

Many times, we tend to react to the loudest customers, and here, now, we have the data.

Kuntal Goradia

Director of Customer Experience Analytics and Experimentation, PayPal

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243%Return on Investment

See investment payback in 6 months

Start building your business for a higher degree of customer insight and improve your understanding of how customers interact with your business

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