Tealeaf for Product Teams

Customer-driven UX prioritization

Use the most granular digital experience insights to deliver expected and desired user experiences across your digital products and user journeys.

  1. Recreate real user experience

    See what users actually experience across your digital products.

  2. Gain visibility into root causes

    Differentiate between user struggle and true abandonment to understand the reason behind each user’s behavior.

  3. Quantify user experiences in business language

    Show how much a user experience is impacting the business to deliver the greatest ROI.


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Prioritize efforts for maximum value

Tealeaf automatically pinpoints how users are struggling or not converting and quantifies the business impact. Your team is empowered to prioritize enhancements and fixes by value rather the loudest group asking. Your customer becomes the main voice at the table.

Capture, measure, and optimize for all users, not for a sample size

Go beyond small focus groups and small sample sizes with user experience insights from your entire audience base to effectively reduce frustration and increase conversions across all who use your digital products.

Validate and understand your product design

See how users engage with your products from hovers to clicks and understand how the front-end behaves for every single user to deliver a personalized experience.

Thanks to our Acoustic solution, we successfully diagnosed and remediated our issue almost twice as fast as was previously possible.

Jennifer Tattenbaum

Senior Director of Interactive at Shubert Ticketing

Build digital products that drive engagement and adoption

Identify, validate, and optimize the user experience based on complete customer behavior analysis from your entire audience base.

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243%Return on Investment

See investment payback in 6 months

Start building your business for a higher degree of customer insight and improve your understanding of how customers interact with your business

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