Tealeaf for Customer Experience

Turn all customers into your focus group

Gain a deep and thorough understanding of all customer expectations and enable CX teams to quickly apply learnings to changing consumer behaviors.

  1. Scale CX programs

    Integrate session replay and analytics from Tealeaf with your surveys, web analytics, and testing software to get more value from your existing tools.

  2. Get to the root cause of customer conversions and churn

    Use all customer behaviors, not just the ones provided through direct feedback, to measure what is and what is not working.

  3. Build CX that convert for your entire audience

    Justify your CX tests and proposals with real data on customer struggles.

Understand the silent majority

Tealeaf’s unique eventing engine provides insight into all customer struggles, business process health, and system errors even without direct customer feedback.

Turn frustrated customers into advocates

Provide the right support and issue resolution by identifying and recreating the exact point of struggle or error without having the customer take any extra actions.

Test CX before and after launch

Use customer struggle data to test your CX and measure your success with before and after comparisons.

Make customer experience your competitive advantage

Understand the reasons behind all customer behavior to scale your CX program for your entire audience.

Many times, we tend to react to the loudest customers, and here, now, we have the data.

Kuntal Goradia

Director of Customer Experience Analytics and Experimentation, PayPal

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243%Return on Investment

See investment payback in 6 months

Start building your business for a higher degree of customer insight and improve your understanding of how customers interact with your business

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