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Convert more leads and drive sales 

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We can help you...

  • Create automated marketing programs
  • Implement real-time personalization
  • Optimize every interaction

    Create automated marketing programs that guide visitors and convert leads into customers.

    • Engage with automated email marketing and extend customer journeys across digital channels, including mobile apps, SMS, group chat, social, and more. 
    • Send customers down different paths based on what they do – making it more likely they will convert. 
    • Use intelligent scoring to help progress qualified leads through the marketing funnel for maximum conversions. 
    • Achieve an iconic brand experience across all digital touch points with a cloud-based, AI-powered content management system (CMS). 
    • Design dashboards to quickly understand which campaigns are performing the best and how to maximize results. 
    • Use customer profile or event data from across your marketing solutions to trigger personalized offers. 
    • Understand the user journey to present valuable content that drive users towards conversions. 

    Use real-time personalization and build real connections with people across channels.

    • Get recommendations on the right personalization rules and select the right ones to test. 
    • Use one platform to personalize and manage content for inbound and outbound customer experiences across channels. 
    • Meet rigorous performance requirements by managing thousands of concurrent sessions with instant response times. 
    • Connect online and offline channels to create one seamless experience. 
    • Leverage AI-powered personalization — self-learning, segmentation logic, marketing rules and algorithms — to monitor interactions over time and in real time. 
    • Deliver consistent brand experiences across touchpoints with a cloud-based, AI-powered content management system (CMS). 
    • Connect campaigns and web experiences and keep customers engaged as they navigate the customer journey. 

    Optimize every aspect of a customer’s interaction with your brand.

    • Drill down into the individual customer experience with session replay. 
    • Pinpoint the moments that cost you conversions using AI-powered struggle detection. 
    • Use predictive engagement and customer journey analytics to drive retention and get alerts when valuable customers are at risk of dropping off. 
    • Optimize your marketing for the highest value customer journey. 

A case in point

E-commerce is the modern retailer’s primary storefront, and for retailers with a significant footprint of physical stores, meeting these evolving consumer demands can be a serious challenge. That’s where we come in. 

Customer Success Story

Boosting online sales 10-fold with personalized engagement

Acoustic Products In Action:Tealeaf
Buffalo Jeans, a leading international apparel retailer headquartered in Montreal, Canada decided to close its brick-and-mortar stores and focus entirely on the digital channel. But as it reinvented itself as a digital retailer, how could it identify individual customer preferences and engage with them on a one-to-one level?
Buffalo Jeans tapped into a whole suite of Acoustic products to achieve their digital transformation: Acoustic Campaign to build, run and analyze the results of precisely targeted email outreach, Acoustic Personalization to deliver personalization on the inbound channel, Acoustic Campaign to reveal new target audiences, and Acoustic Analytics to automatically detect customer struggles. By replaying sessions in which customers abandoned their carts or left the site prematurely, the company was able to find and remediate the root causes — helping them save sales and drive conversion.
By embracing an AI-driven approach to customer engagement, Buffalo Jeans is achieving its goal of shaping streamlined, personalized experiences across all channels — enabling it to build a strong digital retail brand. As well as lifting the company’s transaction volumes by 80 percent in Canada and by 109 percent in the US, Buffalo Jeans has measured increases in conversion rate optimization of 60 percent and 89 percent respectively, boosting revenues for the Canada site by 71 percent and the US site by 75 percent. In total, 60 percent of overall revenue growth is attributed to digital campaigns.
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Did you know?

Acoustic was named the Best Overall MarTech Company by the 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Awards.