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How Republic Services stopped wasted effort and uncovered lost value

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Republic Services learned many customers were experiencing a problem paying their bills: they couldn’t set up auto-pay, or even make an immediate payment. According to customer surveys, this issue wasn’t just a huge detractor in the digital experience — it was costing them money. And with no process in place for finding and measuring payment-error issues, the team knew it could take months to find the root cause. Without witnessing first-hand what was actually happening, how could they solve the problem?
With Acoustic Tealeaf, which uses AI to capture and analyze visitor interactions on websites and mobile applications, Republic Services was able to see and review individual consumer sessions on the website. In session replays, they saw exactly what the user experienced. The consumer attempted to log in, was met with an error code that included a phone number, attempted a few other sections such as auto-pay and contact us, and was forced to call in to the customer service center to pay their bill.
Republic Services discovered that about 200 customers a day were experiencing the issue with bill payments. The company was able to bring that down to under 50 per day immediately, and with further research brought it down to zero. The Republic Services team found that over 18,000 customers had experienced the issue. With a $100 average account value, they calculated that they were unable to collect over $1.8 million in revenue because of the issue.
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According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study, Acoustic customers were able to see an average of $4 million in incremental revenue in the first year due to improved conversions, and at least 3.5% improvement in conversion rates. Learn more about Acoustic and the progress your company could see.

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