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What is Acoustic Campaign?

The best marketing starts with a deep understanding of who you’re marketing to. Acoustic Campaign is a simple yet powerful platform that helps you develop a deeper pool of knowledge on your customer’s behavior — at scale and on a personalized level — and create campaigns that resonate with people, build a loyal following, and drive revenue.

Grow faster with simple, powerful tools

It starts with building relationships. Acoustic Campaign enables your brand to grow faster and build lasting customer connections by guiding you through insights, planning, and execution to create personalized, data driven experiences across channels. 

Create personalized, impactful experiences that build loyalty

Delivering a personalized experience based on behavioral data is key to driving and sustaining brand loyalty. With Acoustic Campaign, you can create tailored experiences across physical and digital touchpoints, driving repeat customers, and inspiring a loyal base of advocates for your brand. 

Get better insights. Make smarter decisions

Designed to offer flexibility and accommodate growth, with an intuitive user experience backed by powerful technology and robust capabilities, Acoustic Campaign integrates with your existing tools and systems to help increase efficiency, optimize the marketing process, and generate greater returns on investment. 

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25%increase in email revenue

Accomplishing more with Acoustic

Scientific American magazine brings the latest developments in science and tech to 9.5 million readers around the world. But sending too many emails was becoming costly and inefficient. With Acoustic Campaign, they were able to cut email costs by 20% while increasing email revenue by 25%. 

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Every year, we evaluate whether Acoustic is still the right digital marketing platform for us—and every year, it comes out on top.

Brian Sisolak

VP Technology Services, Trilogy Interactive, Digital aor for the USO

Acoustic enables all aspects of real-time personalization

In an age of highly pervasive marketing, the best messaging will be relevant, timely, and contextual to individual customers. Acoustic Personalization can help you take better advantage of moments when your customers and prospects interact with your company, helping you deliver the most relevant messages and content.