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We can help you...

  • Optimize campaigns in real time
  • Analyze and manage content
  • Create smoother customer experiences

    Optimize campaigns in real time

    • Fine-tune campaigns using on-the-fly feedback
    • Leverage AI to detect when campaign performance isn’t what it should be, or better than expected

    Analyze and manage content

    • Simplify content processing in your CMS
    • Employ AI to receive suggested tags as you add assets to your CMS
    • Speed up your workflow and lighten your workload

    Create smoother customer experiences

    • Receive alerts when AI automatically detects an experience that isn’t performing as it should be
    • Identify anomalies in abandons or page views
    • Get recommendations on the best ways to handle potential issues

A case in point

Open up new channels and audiences with Acoustic’s AI-powered marketing platform

Customer Success Story

Writing a new script for the National Theatre

Acoustic Products In Action:Journey Orchestration
The National Theatre (NT) is on a mission to foster an appreciation for the theatre with audiences around the globe. But with limited automation in their CMS, how could they reach potential viewers and patrons with their many ways to enjoy a theatre experience.
By adopting Acoustic Campaign as their main CRM, the NT is able to
The reviews are in and the desired improvement in targeting and automation has delivered results: a 53% increase in email opening with an increased click-through rate of 23%. Most importantly, the conversion rate on web tracking emails is up 75% over standard emails.
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0You need zero data scientists to use Acoustic's AI features

Accomplish more with Acoustic

Acoustic’s AI capabilities are woven into the tools you already use. You don’t need AI training or data scientists: it just works. Acoustic tools start out smart and get even smarter as you use them, learning how to help you get the best results.

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