Increase the value of every customer interaction with real-time personalization

Personalization is on the rise as companies strive to meet customer expectations for a more customized and relevant experience.

When used effectively, the rewards of personalization can be enormous – increasing sales and revenue, enhancing online conversion rates, boosting average order value, driving cross-sell and up-sell initiatives, and strengthening customer loyalty and retention.

Even more powerful than just personalization, a concept that marketers have been familiar with for years, is the newer idea of real-time personalization.

What is real-time personalization? It’s not just making advance decisions about what message a customer will see the next time you interact with them; instead, it’s about being prepared to make a decision during a live interaction about what personalized message to present.

So why isn’t real-time personalization ubiquitous? While many marketers discuss personalization, and some are starting to talk about real-time personalization, these terms can mean different things to different people. Some marketers may be focused more on inbound communications, others on outbound marketing, and still others may be focused on a specific channel such as email or website interactions.

The truth is, many marketers focus on just one dimension, failing to understand the full scope of what real-time personalization means. This report explores the key questions that define all the aspects of realtime personalization that should be considered when building a marketing strategy that includes this exciting new practice.

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