Acoustic Personalization

Personalization at scale that connects with customers 1:1

Personalized marketing gets results. With Acoustic, you can leverage powerful AI tools to create ever more personalized buying experiences and relevant product recommendations that will start stacking up those clicks and conversions. 

  1. Increase customer engagement and conversions

    Tailor personalized content, product recommendations, and offers across your digital channels.

  2. Enable strategic marketing investment

    Measure program effectiveness to better understand performance and decide where to invest future marketing dollars.

  3. Save your team time and effort, and improve efficiency

    Simplify personalization tasks while leveraging AI-powered recommendations.

Test, optimize, and repeat

Deliver more targeted campaigns by defining segments for content personalization and A/B testing in the web channel. 

Get to know what makes them tick and keep them clicking.

Drive more engagement by using real-time and historical behavioral data to personalize content and the customer's digital experience.

Create more opportunities for impulse buys.

Boost cart size and conversion with real-time, AI-powered product recommendations. 

We’ve gone from a solely batch-and-blast approach to targeting more precise customer segments with personalized, timely email communications.

Sergey Solorzano

Senior Email Coordinator, Big 5 Sporting Goods

What’s in the box

Acoustic Personalization combines many of our marketing technologies to deliver a powerful tool. Get more insights into your customer’s journey and make stronger connections. 

Real-time personalization

Present the right message to the right customer, every time.

AI recommendations

AI automatically analyzes customer information to serve up the most relevant recommended products.

Content effectiveness

Machine learning and AI track performance over time, constantly offering suggestions on the most effective content.

Real-time decision making

Increase response rates in inbound channels by maximizing the relevancy of messages presented in real-time.

Set goals and track metrics

Customizable goals and performance metrics let you see and share exactly what’s working.

A/B/n testing

Test messaging to learn what resonates and optimize your content for your audience, and automatically serve the winner.

Proactive alerts

Get instant notifications when tests reach completion or hit significant benchmarks.

Integration with leading web analytics tools

No need to fix what isn’t broken. Our tools integrate seamlessly with many of your existing analytics and CMS platforms.

Pre-built integrations

Connect your technology stack with a built-in data exchange layer.

Acoustic enables all aspects of real-time personalization.

In an age of highly pervasive marketing, the best messaging will be relevant, timely, and contextual to individual customers. Acoustic Personalization can help you take better advantage of moments when your customers and prospects interact with your company, helping you deliver the most relevant messages and content.  

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