Multichannel Composer

Eliminate the silos. Close the digital experience gap with Multichannel Composer.

Easily create hyper-personalized, connected customer experiences across email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp and more to engage consumers in the moment – with no coding required.


What customers have to say:

“Multichannel Composer has helped our team be more efficient and effective by giving us the ability to seamlessly manage campaign creation in-house, without relying on outside design or coding resources. With the drag-and-drop capability, we can quickly and easily create campaigns with our existing team.”  Mary Ruxton, Direct Marketing Manager, Lakeland


Better marketing outcomes with organizational independence.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, marketing teams of any size – from one to 100 – have enterprise-grade capabilities to engage with consumers at each stage of the customer journey, through a privacy-first, multichannel approach. Marketers can now be more efficient and effective, without relying on other teams. The result: better brand loyalty, increased acquisition and retention, and higher CLV. 

Quickly create personalized, multichannel campaigns - at scale - with Multichannel Composer.

Zero-code composer 

Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop capabilities to rapidly create high-quality messages, without coding or developer support. Content can be seamlessly re-used across channels. 

Expanded engagement across all channels

Reach consumers across email, mobile – Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) – WhatsApp, and through web forms with built-in iOS, Android, and smart watch previews.  

Personalized content at scale 

Rules-based “if-then” scenarios enable marketers to create hyper-personalized messages across non-linear customer journeys, without involving data teams.  

Forms for Privacy-first Personalization 

Capture consumer data direct from the source with web form composing capabilities. Gathering zero-party data directly from consumers enables marketers to create engaging campaigns based on consumer preferences. 

Self-serve segmentation 

Easily create granular segmentations from available data sources – such as customer relationship management (CRM), customer data platform (CDP) or data management platform (DMP) solutions – without support from outside teams. 

Ready to close the digital experience gap?