Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate Exceptional Customer Journeys

Exceed revenue and engagement goals with personalized, insight optimized, multi-channel campaign platform.

  1. Improve customer engagement and loyalty

    With Journey Orchestration, serve up more relevant, targeted content to specific audiences and increase conversions by offering the right message, at the right time, in the right channel.

  2. Reduce effort while increasing output

    With better insights come better performing campaigns, Acoustic plugs seamlessly into existing technology, making it easier to send more informed, behavior-triggered campaigns.

  3. Built to scale as you grow

    Powerful lead scoring and segmentation capabilities are uniquely designed to work with any business model marketers support today or in the future.

Create personalized campaigns to improve performance

Segment audiences and create targeted messaging based on profile data, behaviors, and preferences to improve campaign engagement and conversions.

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Make smarter marketing decisions, faster

Shorten campaign time to market and see more revenue through the marketing channel with a seamless exchange of data and insights across channels and campaigns.

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Keep growing with efficient, multi-channel campaigns at scale

Whether you need basic marketing automation or more sophisticated, multi-channel experiences, Acoustic’s capabilities will grow alongside your brand.  

Drive customer loyalty and increase revenue

Execute more effective campaigns through personalized, automated campaigns across channels.

Most marketers using the email channel do not make deliverability one of their KPIs, but that perspective needs to shift.

Mary Rodgers

Director of Marketing Communications, Cuisinart

What's in the Box?

Empower your marketing team to deliver
greater revenue and customer loyalty 
through personalized, automated programs
across digital channels.

Email marketing

World class marketing from the experts.

Mobile marketing

SMS and mobile app pushand WhatsApp messaging to engage with customers wherever they are.

Automated, multi-channel journeys

Build multi-step customer experiences in a simple, drag-and- drop programs canvas.

B2C and B2B marketing

Capabilities that support B2B and B2C use cases like progressive profiling, lead scoring, and CRM integrations.

AI-powered anomaly detection in programs

Understand user struggles and system anomalies to ensure a seamless customer experience across the entire brand.

Performance insights and reporting

Optimize and improve on overall brand performance across channels.

Social marketing

Build and deploy social ads across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Lead management and scoring

Superior lead scoring and predictive capabilities enable marketers to understand buyer intent.

Personalization and A/B/n testing

Personalize interactions at each touch point across mobile, web, and email with a built-in personalization engine.

Pre-built integrations

Connect your technology stack with Acoustic through open APIs and webhooks.

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25%boost in email revenue

See how the national publisher Scientific American drove subscription sales while reducing the cost of each campaign, leading to profitable growth.

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