Proactively deliver the digital experience consumers want with Tealeaf by Acoustic


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Brands and organizations use various analytics tools and tirelessly sift through data in hopes that it will help them build the most optimal digital experience. But when these tools can only tell you that something good or bad is occurring, teams are left to make decisions on intuition alone. Uncovering why customers behave the way they do is key to enabling teams to proactively deliver the experience consumers want and drive conversions, revenue, and customer satisfaction. 

In this live webinar you will learn how digital experience analytics with Tealeaf by Acoustic can help you remove your insights gap: 

  • What is digital experience analytics 
  • How can teams across the enterprise, from marketing, commerce, analytics, DevOps, and customer support gain a single view into the customer experience 
  • Examples of how real brands and organizations found success 


Steve Perry

President | Pereion Solutions

Steve Perry founded Pereion Solutions in 2012 provider of marketing and customer analytic solutions, specializing in customer experience analytics. We work with our clients to identify and surface customer experience issues and struggle points. We help our clients to identify inhibitors to digital processes, including ecommerce conversions.

Jessica Mok

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Jessica is a Product Marketing Manager with a specialty in industry marketing, specifically around retail, financial services, and healthcare. In her role, she leads efforts to bring Acoustic’s digital experience insights solution, Tealeaf, to market and enable customers to leverage their analytics solution to its fullest potential. Previously to joining Acoustic, she was at Samsung SDS and Cisco.

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